Bei is a town of only around a thousand but it is the largest settlement of the region, and acts as the main trade center. Bei is strategically located on the Violet River, which most people use to travel significant distance, because over land is full of untamed wilderness that takes much longer and is less safe.

In fact, Bei is nestled in the chasm-like Valley of Shadow that is surrounded by harsh mountains on all sides, except for the Violet River that cuts a narrow passageway through. Some would say that the terrain has made the valley a kind of eden, where its inhabitants can safely avoid the calamities that affect the rest of the world. But most, given the chance, will turn down an offer to travel there, for the great distance and journey required, but also for the valley’s uncommon environmental feature: the tall mountains and deep chasm causes the valley to sit in darkness. Thus, the inhabitants of the valley only directly see the sun once a year, when it looms over the apex of the converging mountain ranges and illuminates the entire valley.

There are around a dozen smaller humanoid settlements nearby in the valley that include human villages, elven villages, and Grum Retreat.

Bei and nearby villages have developed a strong bond with the cave-dwelling worm-like creatures known as Poli. Through domestication the townsfolk have discovered a silk that the Poli produce, and have developed a renowned style of weaving that produces a magical fabric to those who wear Poli clothing. Many in Bei worship the Poli spirit god, Po.

Even though geographically cut off, Bei is a kind of vassal town of the nearest kingdom: the Rojin Clan. Being a vassal town means that in exchange for protection and a few other luxuries, Bei owes some things back in exchange. These include natural resources, produced goods like Poli cloth, etc. These items are sent in regular shipments to the nearest Rojin city. Usually when one hears about the distant Rojin Clan, it is in the context of some kind of political in-fighting or conflict with other empires.


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