Emissary Kadiri

AKA "Mushu"


A Rojin imperial emissary, Kadiri represented the town of Rojinu in relations with the other settlements in the Valley of Shadow.

Our adventurers encountered Kadiri in Bei Prison, when he falsely identified himself as “Mushu” and claimed he was accused of associations with the crime lords of Kou. After the jailbreak, he traveled with them to Grum Retreat. There, he tried to convince the adventurers to leave its protection and successfully lured Slippery Jill outside the walls. He was unsuccessful in coercing Jill to betray her companions and she fled back inside.

After sneaking out to rescue Boots, the adventurers returned to the Retreat some days later to find Kadiri and his associates speaking with Rana the ranger around a campfire, just outside the retreat walls. It seems they were discussing an issue of great importance related to Anchor/Wake but before he could explain, the adventurers took revenge and struck him down.

Emissary Kadiri

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