Welcome to Seeds of Power – a D&D 4th Edition campaign set in an emerging world.

A few things that make this setting unique:

  • The World is Emerging and Uncharted – Many fantasy settings have lots of ruins, ancient texts, and other references to ancient sprawling empires. In this setting, most civilizations see themselves as the first to walk the earth and are only beginning to explore it.
  • The Civilized Races Are Distant – In classic fantasy dwarves, elves, humans and others can all be found living together in settlements. Not only is that uncommon in this world, but many classic D&D civilized races are “unknown.”
  • History is Mostly Unknown – Instead of classic settings where there is documented texts of the creation of the earth, in this world scholars are only just beginning to see the use of documenting history and seek understanding of the past. There are oral traditions, plenty of rumors, legends, and tales but no one clear agreed-upon creation story.
  • Higher Powers are Mysterious and Plentiful – Instead of classic humanoid “gods” ruling over everything, understanding of higher powers is as mysterious and unknown as the earth’s history. There is more worshipping of “demigods” which only are known in particular regions. Otherwise, many just worship simplified elemental spirits like the sun or the earth, or just the all-encompassing “spirits.”

Seeds of Power